Sunday, April 4, 2010


I think I may just post a picture of him whenever I post a new blog. This is him right now. :)

Anyways, I havent posted in a few days. But Ive been ok. Today we bought a big fan, yesss! We got Justin a duffel bag for his trip to ID! He even got a baseball tag for it, nerd. We got Grayson some sunscreen, I hope its sunny enough to use it!! Oh, and I bought a summer dress.. but have yet to try it on. Im pretty sure that Justin will laugh at me if I wear it, haha.

Graysons first easter was pretty ok. This moring he got his basket full of "grass" and he tipped it over and pulled all the grass out. I hope I dont find any in his diaper the next few days, Im pretty postitive that he didnt eat any though. Hes getting pretty good at scooting around. Today he was on the floor and he scoots in circles. He hasnt gotten crawling down yet, but im totally ok with that. If he doesnt start crawling soon, Ill be very sad because he has no room to crawl in this house.

Im thinking I may have to go to a garage sale or something when I get to ID to find Grayson a walker or something like that. He likes his. I would bring it with me, but probably wont have room in the suitcase because all of his toys, :]

Well.. I think Im done for the night, Im pretty tired.

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