Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grayson has been such a cranky little boy lately. But he is growing up so fast! We went and saw a friend yesterday and her month old son and man, Grayson is a beast! He even held the baby up on his own! They were talking to each other, laughing with each other and checking each other out, trying to figure out what each other were. It was fun. The first time I took Grayson to see him he totally tried choking the poor baby but this time he was a lot better. He touched his face nicely and played with his toys like a good boy. I never noticed how good my boy is sitting up until yesterday. 6 months have flown by! Hes HALF a year old already! Before I blink my eyes, were going to have to set up his first birthday party, scary! But also very exciting. Justin cant wait to find out how Grayson will be once hes walking and how hell sound when hes talking, haha.
Last night in his sleep, he was laughing so hard! It made me feel so much better. Ive been feeling really iffy about a lot of things lately, but that little laugh just made me feel so much better. I am so thankful for him. Even when hes screaming or yelling :D
Oh and Justin takes his final test of high school tomorrow, then hes finished! Wish him luck, I hope he does good! Hes been working a long time on this. It will be nice to have him around more. Maybe he can find a morning job now, so he can be home in the evenings. Grayson and I would both like that.
Ok, well Im off to do some mommy duties. Bath time, jammies, and cuddling.

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