Wednesday, April 7, 2010

oh yeahh.

Today was a pretty good day.
Me and Grayson went to see a friend and her month old baby, it was very cute.
Logan and grayson were talking and laughing back in forth with each other, and grayson didnt try to hurt him like the last time we saw them. On thursday were going to go to her teen mom support group, that should be fun. It would be nice to have people in my real life to talk to. I have my BBC ladies, whom I love to death!! But they are all so far away. I wish I lived down in the states so I could just drive to see all my mommas. That would be amazing!
I bought some tubs for all Graysons baby clothes.. I had to pack them all up! Hes growing up so fast! Now, I just got to figure out when I should start packing. Probably this weekend. Justin bought Grayson a really cute baby duffel bag and I think I might use it as a carry on. Idk..
BUT Grayson WILL not go to sleep so I must go and cuddle my little man. Night!

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