Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, heres my little guy as I speak. Yep, its 1 in the morning. He may look happy, but hes not. He skipped nap time today and is being a cranky boy. Its ok though, overall I think I had a pretty good day. I got to get out of the house for a while.

Hung out with the BFF Vanessa, made an appt to get my eyebrows waxes (which neeps to be done so bad, lol) and went to Kohls and spent $18, and saved $50!! WOOHOO! My kind of shopping :) I keep telling myself "Dont buy Grayson anymore clothes for this summer, he has PLENTY!" But I just cant help it! Especially when you walk into a store and they have pants for a buck 70! How do you walk away from that! And he got a new toy.. spoiled baby. He'd much rather play with empty mcdonalds bags, haha!

Oh, and do you see his eye? Probably not very good, but you can kinda see how its kind of gross looking, poor baby. It wont stop oozing and scabbing. He has a dr. apt soon, and it was looked at by someone at the ER and they said oh well, it looks fine.. Well, its not fine that it has actually scabs on it, it looks like it hurts. Oh, and that bottle isnt really nasty, it just has some rice cereal in it, ha.

I dont know what else I want to say today besides that once again, im super excited to be getting away for a while. And Aunt Lisa, we hope to see you too. Gma Mary said that you guys will be going back with her and that you guys should be there still when me and Grayson fly in. It would be cool if you guys got to meet him, hes quite the character already.

Alright well, I think im going to bed now. Heres a picture of him now. :]

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  1. I know it looks yucky but keep gently wiping it with warm wash cloth or cotton ball. Can't wait to see you guys!!