Friday, April 9, 2010


Me and Grayson went to a young moms group today with a friend. It was cool, but it made me realize that I am def not ready to put my baby in daycare yet. Maybe I can get away with it for another 6 months.
Ive been trying to keep myself busy the last few days, and Ive been doing that. Only 4 more days til Idaho, and I cant wait! Tomorrow, me and Vanessa are going to visit my aunt Tawnya. She hasnt seen Grayson since he was 2 months old, shes going to be so shocked at how big he has gotten.
Justin and I have been having a hard time being on the same page lately, but he talked to me about it and let me know a few things, and I think were getting there and getting better. I like talking to him about stuff. I love him and like knowing what he thinks about things, or just anything. He makes me happy and im so thankful for him. He could of left when he found out I was pregnant, but he stayed and he stayed because he wanted too. And he loves his son, and that makes me love him even more. Watching those two together just makes my heart smile! Cheesy, I know, but its so true!
Alright, my comp is dying and its getting pretty late so im off for tonight. <3 picture isnt working tonight. I will post two tomorrow then.

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