Saturday, April 10, 2010


How do you motivate someone? .. Without making them want to hate you? How do you get them to understand that you hate what they love? ...Without making them hate you? How can you hate someone you love so much? Why run away when you know its going to be the same when you get back? How can you be so lonely with a house full of people? How do you explain to someone that they just arent good enough? That they arent being what you need? How do you hate what you had, but miss it? Everything seems so far away, so out of reach but it just gets handed to your neighbor? Why doesnt he understand? Why is it so hard for him to comprehend. You say you know, then why are we still not moving forward? Everyday is 10 steps back. Its making what was good terrible. What I liked, unbearable. What I needed, so harming. I want to sleep, but wake up somewhere better. I hate it. I hate you.

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